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I am Jacob Qvist Jensen, a 28-year-old residing with Elisabeth in the lovely city of Aarhus, Denmark. Professionally, I work as a Senior Software Consultant at Trifork Digital Health, where my main point of interest is frontend development. I am deeply committed to create impactful solutions that are tailored for the needs of the end-users. Several different side-projects are being cooked on concurrently, but time is one of the most precious things and these projects are therefore often neglected. Currently, I primarily work with the two frameworks Angular and Svelte.

In my spare time, I like to run, train, read books, take cold baths in the sea and play all sorts of games. Writing is my favorite tool to express my struggles, victories, recommendations, progress, impact, projects, creations, skills, and thoughts.

I graduated from Aarhus University with a Master’s degree in IT Product Development in January 2021. The dual career project helped me to balance elite sports and academia. Below, there is an image of a proud mom and her son at the graduation reception.

Cheers mate

I do like to participate in all kinds of events within the field of IT. I have attended OzCHI, which is a human-computer interaction conference in Australia. In the year 2022, I had the privilege of attending NgDe, an Angular conference held in Berlin. Have participated in several hackathons and in 2023 I was participating as diamond sponsor through Trifork.

Hackathon with Trifork

My mission with this blog is to keep evolving my professional and personal skills through retrospective thinking and writings.